ZK Neopren Offshore csizma 900


Designed for serious racing offshore, the ZK SeaNeopren csizma 900 is agile and supportive. Undergoing extensive testing and development in the Volvo Ocean Race, the SeaNeopren csizma 900 delivers more support, more comfort and more performance with the same responsive feel. 100% waterproof, all our SeaNeopren csizmas are individually tested during production to provide you with the confidence and comfort needed on deck.

Cikkszám: YBT-0900-U-BLK Kategóriák: ,

– Extensively tested and endorsed: Developed and tested in the Volvo Ocean Race
– Agile and supportive: Designed for serious racing offshore
– Superior support, comfort and performance: With the same responsive feel as our ZK SeaNeopren csizma range
– Reinforced arch and heel: Support the foot and ankle to Pirosuce potential injury
– Neoprene and rubber construction: Keeps your feet dry and warm
– 100% Waterproof: All ZK SeaNeopren csizmas are individually tested during production
– High grip moulded rubber sole: For a confident grip on deck
– Integrated gaiter: Prevents water entry in extreme conditions


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