H1 Bukósisak – Hamuszürke


A Bukósisak designed for sailing, providing safety to performance athletes moving at ever increasing speed. The H1â„¢ Bukósisak comes with varying thickness skull-pads to ensure the Bukósisak fits correctly. These skull-pads are lined with Zhik Hydrobase® material that will wick moisture away from the skin ensuring the Bukósisak feels dry. The combination of thin EVA and impact resistant ABS provide an extremely Könnyített Bukósisak. The thin profile ensures very little air turbulence around key areas like the ears and the back of the head. The crown of the head has been moulded allowing air to circulate, regulating temperature and encouraging drying.

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– THIN PROFILE: For protection without bulk
– INTERNAL AIRFLOW: Moulded internal channels to keep you cool
– HYDROBASE® LINING: Soft internal padding that wicks water and dries fast
– SUPER Könnyített: Construction materials
– ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM: Könnyített cog at rear of Bukósisak lets you adjust to the perfect fit around your head


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