Férfi Microfleece X Skiff Ruha


An evolution in wetsuit design, the Microfleeceâ„¢ X wetsuit range combines the latest in materials and technologies to achieve the ultimate in comfort and flexibility for all weather versatility. Designed and developed using the latest 3D modelling technologies, Microfleeceâ„¢ X wetsuits provide unrivalled flexibility and comfort, combining our fast-drying Microfleeceâ„¢ lining with our Könnyített, 1mm super-stretch neoprene.

Key panels are lined with an improved Hydrobase® material providing extreme thermal insulation and super quick drying. The Zhiktexâ„¢ II in the knee and seat features a highly abrasion resistant 3D knit construction providing high levels of durability whilst maintaining stretch and flexibility. ZiBand® leg and arm seals provide protection against water gushes and provide a sealed connection with your Kesztyű and Neopren csizmas. The patented Loo Ripâ„¢ construction prevents cold flushes and water build up inside the suit.

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– 1MM NEOPRENE INSULATION: Throughout with Nylon outer lining
– 4-WAY SUPER STRETCH: Neoprene & construction for maximum flexibility
– ZHIKTEXâ„¢ II SUPERIOR ABRASION RESISTANCE: Panels in the rear & knees provides super durability in high wear areas
– 3D BODY MAPPED FIT: Means you will get the most comfortable fit
– FAST DRYING HYDROBASE® INNER: Our advanced fast drying inner wicks moisture and is super soft
– ZIBAND® LEG & WRIST SEALS: Silicone banding creates a tight seal to avoid flushes of water
– WATERPROOF LOO RIP: Provides patented easy access relief
– EASY ACCESS SIDE LEG POCKET: Let’s you securely stow any small items in a low profile pocket
– HIGH STRETCH FLATLOCK STITCHING: That is strong and non-itch



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